Step by Step (SBS)

Step by Step (SBS) is a project set to empower men to improve their health & enjoy social participation and active engagement in the labour market. It will promote a culture in which all citizens in all regions will have the confidence to make sustainable positive changes in their lives benefitting themselves & society. Expected changes: reduced health costs related to physical & mental health issues; better health contributing to healthier individuals, families, communities & workforce; increased labour market activity; decreased number of work days lost to poor health.


A Shed is a meeting place for men of all ages and backgrounds who wish to share knowledge, experience and comradeship in an informal setting. Sheds operate much like clubs; however, they are open to the community and need have no requirements for joining. Men attending Sheds, or ‘Shedders’, may simply be there for a cup of tea and a chat, to work on an organised project such as woodworking, or to offer services to other community members such as bike repairs. While the concrete operation of a Shed seems simple, the wider goals of improving Shedders’ wellbeing and quality of life can have lasting effects on individuals and the community. Mutual support is at the centre of the Sheds concept. As active participants rather than clients, men freely come together to create informal, social spaces that encourage interaction and activity. A Shed can promote feelings of purpose, solidarity and empowerment that have knock-on effects on Shedders’ health, wellbeing and life prospects. A Shed can be an important place for men who are isolated, unemployed or with little access to information about health.

Everyone can improve their own wellbeing. Motivation is the key to this, so join your local team and start that journey!

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